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How does it work?


Connect and manage all your assets
in one place

Tracking all of your cryptocurrency assets from different exchanges in one place.


Find to top traders to follow

Search and find the traders that fit your trading style based on risk, net return, transactions and more.


Don't Risk Your Entire Portfolio

Choose the amount you would like to commit, you can change it any time.


Enjoy the same profit of expert trader

From now on all the trader's actions you chose to follow will be executed on the amount you chose to follow with


We Are Safe

Keep your funds in your exchange, Remoroc requires "read-only" + "trade" permissions to execute Trader's commands automatically.

At any stage of the process we never ask for "deposit-withdraw" permissions.

No risk for your money

Try our live demo with 5k of make-believe money until you feel ready to trade. You will get full access to the Remorec platform and be able to follow lead traders and mimic their portfolio's performances.

What our users are saying

"Remoroc is completely the ideal place for those traders who have stopped trading due to lack of time, the process here is automatic and allows you to simply benefit from traders focused only on this."
"At first I used Remoroc as a management tool - I love all the statistics on my portfolio - I soon began to follow traders, and completely satisfied with their return ."
"I think the thing that really helps is presenting the real data of traders, especially in the industry that has so many scams."

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